Provide leadership and expert advice through pro-active policies and programmes to achieve environmentally sustainable development.

Air quality and related fields

As an internationally recognised expert in these fields.

Sustainable environmental management

Through development of strategies and programmes.

Resource Management Act

As an independent hearings Commissioner, with Chair Endorsement.

Our Customers

  • Industrial enterprises
    Preparation of independent assessments of environmental effects to accompany applications for resource consents....
  • International organisations
    Internationally recognised expert in air quality management and related fields Climate Change science and policy....
  • Central and local government agencies
    Independent Commissioner for Resource Management Act hearings, with Chair Endorsement Processing of resource applications and monitoring compliance with consents...

Fields of Speciality

Chemical engineering and general process technology

  • Chemical hazards and environmental health risk assessment
  • Oil refining and gas processing
  • Pulp & paper manufacture, wood processing, and drying processes (wood, milk, etc.)
  • Iron & steel manufacture, metals processing, and mining & minerals processing
  • Thermal and geothermal power generation

Environmental protection measures

  • Solid waste reduction and recycling, including animal rendering Waste reuse as a resource, including waste-to-energy conversion
  • Municipal wastewater treatment and industrial water pollution control

Air quality management and emissions control

  • Interpretation of atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Implications of road building and use
  • Industrial and domestic air pollution control (including odour)
  • Health effects of air pollutants (including development of air quality guidelines/standards)
  • Motor vehicle emission control strategies (including automotive fuels quality)

Global environmental management issues

  • Climate change and ozone layer depletion through science and policies
  • Environmental economics (including market based instruments)
  • Environmental law