Director Profile

Kevin Rolfe is an international environmental specialist with over 48 years of environmental management experience in various capacities. As a Chartered Chemical Engineer and a Chartered Scientist with advanced interpretive and analytical skills, Kevin has been closely involved in early advances in environmental science and management since the 1970s.

After a successful career in a significant New Zealand Government statutory role during the ‘think big’ industrial development era, Kevin entered the international arena as the Air Quality Management Specialist for the World Health Organization, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

His duties includes being an adviser to the Governments of the Asia-Pacific region on various aspects of environmental management, and most recently as a consultant to the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and Swisscontact.

From 1996 to 1998, Kevin was the foundation General Manager (CEO) of Environmental Services
Australia, the commercial arm of the Environmental Protection Agency Victoria.

Kevin continues to be at the forefront of environment science through his active involvement in Climate Change programmes, professional affiliations in related fields and through his focused areas of specialization.
He attended the COP-21 climate change meeting in Paris and is involved in a climate change centre, CCA@AIT, at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. As an invited participant to the 2016 Symposium on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, he is now a member of the Oxford Round Table.

Kevin has been to Antarctica twice, in 2007 (Ross Sea) and in 2017 (Weddell Sea). Those trips relate to his work on climate change mitigation.

With a record of achievement and quality product delivery, Kevin is often sought to provide expert evidence, independent peer reviews and appointments as a Commissioner to Resource Management Act hearings.

As a Project Director, Kevin provides leadership, policy and actions for sustainable developments.


Provide leadership and expert advice through pro-active policies and programmes to achieve environmentally sustainable development.