Professional Experience

Kevin Rolfe & Associates Limited / Kevin Rolfe Consulting Limited
1991; 1998 to present

Consultant Chemical Engineer and Environmental Management Specialist. Technical areas of the consultancy are air quality management, integrated pollution control, and best practice environmental management, in New Zealand and overseas.

Activities include environmental policy advice to regional and national Governments; institutional strengthening and capacity building via international development assistance projects; independent reviews of the environmental performance of industrial enterprises; membership of Peer Review Panels for selected industry;

the carrying out of projects on the multi-disciplinary aspects of motor vehicle emission control strategies; appointments as an independent Resource Management Act hearings Commissioner for regional/unitary councils; and mentoring the next generation of environmental practitioners.

Overseas Projects Corporation of Victoria Limited (OPCV) / Environmental Services Australia (ESA)
1996 to 1998
Project Director – Environment, OPCV
General Manager/Chief Executive, ESA

Responsible for the directorship of overseas projects in the environment sector for the Overseas Projects Corporation of Victoria Limited (OPCV).

The work was carried out via Environmental Services Australia (ESA), a joint venture between the Environment Protection Authority of Victoria and the OPCV.
Responsible to a Board of four for the overall management and development of the entity.

Provided an overview of the technical implementation of projects, as the Project Director. Participated on formulation missions, etc, and made many business development trips to East, South East, and South Asia.

World Health Organization
Environmental Health Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1991 to 1995
Air Quality Management Specialist

Responsible for the promotion, development, and implementation of national and international programmes and projects in the fields of environmental health and air quality management, in the Asia-Pacific region.

These included assessments of the air quality in the countries of the region and the provision of advisory services to governments on request. Carried out many field assignments throughout the region, either personally or through the engagement of consultants.

Duties also involved exchanges of data and information, development and promotion of appropriate technologies, and education and training.

Department of Health
Air Pollution Control, Auckland
1976to 1991
Regional Air Pollution Control Officer (1978 to 1991)
District Air Pollution Control Officer (1976 to 1978)

Responsible for the administration of the Clean Air Act and air pollution matters in general in the northern region of New Zealand. This region contains almost all of the major industrial sources of air pollution, and the period of work encompassed a time of sustained economic development (“think big”).

Particular expertise was acquired in the pulp and paper industry, oil refining processes, iron and steel manufacture, thermal (including geothermal) power generation, and the chemical manufacturing industry.

Responsibilities included detailed evaluations of the air pollution significance of major industrial operations, the licensing of such premises, and responsibility for air quality monitoring. The approach to air pollution control allowed for an involvement in land use planning, reviews of air quality management at certain types of industry, studies of the air quality of an area, etc.

There was regular overseas travel (to Italy, Canada,USA, etc), to assess the likely impacts of proposed industrial development projects. Also, as a Senior Scientist, it was a period of active involvement in the assessment of scientists in the New Zealand public service.

University of Khon Kaen, Thailand
1975 to 1976
Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Responsible for lecturing final year engineering students in Chemical Engineering Design and Environmental Studies. The notes for the latter course were translated into Thai and published as a book. Another publication was a monograph of Conversion Tables for Engineering Students.

Two groups of final year Chemical Engineering students were supervised for their research projects – one investigated the feasibility of establishing a chemical industry based on rock salt in North East Thailand (since developed on a commercial scale), the other experimented with the use of indigenous materials (shredded coconut fibre and burnt rice husks) for water pollution control.


Ministry of Works and Development
1971 to 1975)
Chemical Engineer, Head Office, Wellington (1971; 1974-1975)
Site Engineer, Kapuni LPG Project, Wanganui (1972-73)

As the only Chemical Engineer, much of the work involved various “trouble shooting” projects. Also carried out the in-office design evaluation and the on-site supervision of New Zealand’s first LPG plant at Kapuni, investigations into some industrial development projects, and work for the Clean Air Council.